Bay Ridge Rod & Gun Club

Range Rules

  1. The first rule is SAFETY.
  2. All firing line commands must be obeyed IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Eye and ear protection is required when on the firing line.
  4. All improper and unsafe conditions should be reported to the Range Officer.
  5. No firearms will be taken out of their cases in the lounge area. Under no circumstances will anyone remove his/her firearms from it's appropriate bag, box or holster to display the firearm in the lounge area.
  6. Each shooter will take his/her firearm in it's case to the firing position designated by the Range Officer. Upon removal from it's case, the firearm must be pointed in a safe direction downrange.
  7. There will be NO USE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL AT ANY TIME. There is no smoking on the firing line.
  8. All shooters must show appropriate identification and sign in and out of the range.
  9. All firearms must be registered with the appropriate authorities.
  10. Only one shooter at a time at a position. A coach may stand behind a shooter for instructional purposes only.
  11. Only paper targets may be used, and must be at a minimum of 25 ft (the first yellow line). Law Enforcement personnel may position targets at 15 ft.
  12. Handguns and rimfire rifles only may be fired. No centerfire rifles are permitted. No black powder may be fired.
  13. There will be no intentional cross-firing permitted. Doing so will revoke your shooting membership.
  14. No eating, drinking or loud talking on the firing line.
  15. No loaded guns at the cleaning tables.
  16. All firearms must be unloaded and/or holstered everywhere except the firing line.
  17. Moving from position to position along the firing line while carrying a loaded firearm is not permitted,
Anyone violating these rules will be asked to leave the range.